Board & CEO

Christer Rönnegard (born 1944) is Chairman of the Board. He is an electron engineer with a long international career behind him as responsible for establishing operations in new countries. The last post was as Managing Director of Tetrapak in Singapore with over 500 employees. Christer Rönngard is currently active as a private investor and was such as Chairman of the Swedish cleantech company Xylophane AB during the period 2006-2008.
Erik Dahlquist (born 1949) is Professor of Energy at Mälardalen University. He has an industrial background including ABB Research and has over 20 patents.
Bengt Lidgard (born 1966) is an IT entrepreneur and was among the Pointer AB during the period 2001-2007. Bengt Lidgard has a background as a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group and has an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics and an MSc in Engineering Physics from KTH.
Håkan Thorsell, (born 1971) is an MBA and PhD in financial accounting at the Stockholm School of Economics. He was head of risk management at Carnegie until 2001 and is currently director of corporate finance at Catella.
Robert Aulin (born 1967) is President and has extensive experience in quantitative analysis and business development in areas such as IT, property and financial sectors. Robert Aulin has an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics and an MSc in Chemical Engineering from KTH. He has Ph.D. studies from the School and is currently attached to the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
Mikael Karlsson (born 1963) is Executive vice president. He has a background as a researcher at KTH and has published numerous research papers in multivariate data analysis and process analytical chemistry. Mikael Karlsson is a recognized authority in chemometrics and is linked to the Royal Institute of Technology as a lecturer.